19 Sep 2007

26 weeks

This week dah masuk 26th week my pregnancy... Well, my belly already grew big.. (of course la kan.. kalau kecik jugak, lagi la tak normal..) and I really look like a pregnant lady now.... cant hide my belly dah..

I guess my babymoon phase is going to end.. and while I'm going into this 3rd trimester stage of pregnancy these are a few things I noticed:

  1. I can't get comfortable - any position makes me feel uncomfortable.. baring lama2 tak boleh.. duduk lama2 pun penat... berdiri lama2, lagi laaa... getting asleep at night is quite difficult, with this big belly.. hehe.. kejap pusing kiri.. kejap pusing kanan.. plus my baby inside seems cant stop moving especially when I'm trying to sleep..
  2. My bladder is under pressure - again... dulu masa 1st trimester slalu pegi toilet.. now, it's coming back again.. skarang lagi la penat, especially if tgh baring, tetibe rasa nak gi toilet.. adehh.. everytime I need to get up daripada baring, nak berdiri, requires extra effort..
  3. Backache - Deboo kata, I really look like orang pregnant skarang.. since I always walk with my hand pegang pinggang.. sakit laaa.. my extra 6kg now really puts pressure on my back... patut la org pregnant selalu pegang2 pinggang time berjalan.. baru la tau rasa dia..

Last Saturday, we went for checkup again. Ni gambar scan masa 25 weeks... everything seems okay.. Alhamdulillah.. best tgk visual scan.. but now it's getting difficult to identify which one is her feet, which are her hands.. becoz she's already grew big. nearly 1kg berat dia.. so bile tgk scan, kena tanye doktor, barula paham... yg ni ape, yg tu ape.. macam biase everytime scan, baby bukak2 mulut.. maybe tgh minum kot... from this photo dah boleh nampak features kat muka dia... nampak mata (dia tgh tutup mata), nampak idung, mulut..

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