31 Oct 2008

It's Friday...!! Yeay!!

Now i know, that bosses are the people who really inspires you to work hard.. This week considered to be the most inefficient week for me, as all 3 bosses in our department weren't around... Normally at times like this we, the so-called 'machai' shall jump with joy, celebrate, and seize the moment... moments that no one will come to you asking you to do this and that, pushing you around and keep bothering you the moment u were just started to 'facebooking'.... (hehe...)

But this week, I spent most of my time @ office on facebooking, until i'm sick of it... and the whole of this week was totally dull... i was in no mood at all to work.. surprisingly now, I felt that I love having bosses in the office to push me around... hahaaaa (gila kah aku??) When they are in the office, then I would feel that the salary I earned at the end of the month is really 'halal'....

During lunch time today, I went to m*dv.. planning to go to Toys 'r' us to find something for Lya.. as it has been a while since i bought a 'learning toy' for her.. and now that she just got well from her fever.... and has started to learn to walk I'm planning to give her something that would encourage her to learn in a more 'funner' way...such as leap frog 4 in 1 musical ice cream truck or playskool step start walk 'n ride or anything like that... (hihi.. bole ye daddy? pweety pleeasee... cian Lya.... smalam dia main tolak2 walker aje.... and dia mmg langsung tanak masuk walker dah...)

I was just about to enter Toys 'r' us, but suddenly i redirected myself to Madam Kwan's just next to the entrance of TrUs... and had a seat all alone by myself... without even looking at the menu, I called the waitress and ordered ice lemon tea and..... this.....!!!!

Nasi Bojari Madam Kwan's

It was not more than 5 minutes later, my order arrived.. and I finished the whole lot of it in less than 10 minutes!!!... OMG... it was so darn delicious... Thank you ayang who introduced me to it last fasting month...... and there goes my diet, ye puan2...oh well.... lantak lah.. sedap gile, okeh...

Will definitely have lunch there again... huhuuu....

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