31 Dec 2013

Welcome 2014

One day before 2014. Life has been hectic.. with work, children going back to school, moving back to KL, etc, etc. No, I am not complaining. I am totally thankful for the rezeki, health, children and husband who always stood by me.

Its just that sometimes i felt totally exhausted. There was one time that i felt so restless that I cried while talking to mama Of course i ensured that she does not notice.I dont know why... i felt so... tired... And there were soooo many occassions that i lost patience to my children. And felt totally guilty after that... This travelling KL-Johor back and forth really tested my patience and my strength. But i know Allah has the best plan for us.

Tomorrow i will be officially transferred back to KL. It has been kinda mixed feeling inside me. Am totally greatful that my request has officially been granted, just the way that i planned. Am sad that i had to go back without completing my work here... But there will be times in your life that you just need to let go. Prioritize. For me, my children come first no matter what. I will be here in Johor once in a while to complete my job and see completion of the FPSO. O, Allah, please let it be easy for the team... let us complete our responsibilities here fast and safe...

Credit to En Mat for the superb photos.

and Fahmi for the effort to climb the flare tower for this one. again, i cant rotate the photo.
May she sails away in February/March safe & sound.... aminn...

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